Rocky and unexpected roads, almost one hour from our barangay to San Raymundo. Wide and hundreds of coconut trees are planted there. Buying coconuts are the main purpose of everyone who had been there because aside from fresh juices from the coconut the price is half compare to the market. It is also a perfect place for family and friends bonding.
          I've never been in San Raymundo, but i heard many very good comment about the place. That's why I am looking forward to go there and I am so excited. Happiness and if I have a chance to go, I will bring  my friends and also my family because I want to experience the joy and to have an unforgettable experience  in San Raymundo.
           And that's my cousin who celebrated her 20th birthday in San Raymundo together with her friends. Why did she choose that place, it is simply because of the freshness of the place and also because of the very affordable coconut.


Isdaan Floating Restaurant found in Salapungan, Gerona, Tarlac a restaurant where you can find a different filipino dishes, like "pritong talong", "pinakbet","Sinigang" and many other filipino dishes.The tricky thing in this place is there are two person will "harana" you. so cool right! Another is the big statues of Monkey holding a fish,(a monkey holding a fish? so great right.), another is you can feed the fishes in the pond. If you've been there it looks like you are in Thailand because of the big statues of  Buddha. Oh one thing more is the singing and dancing waitress(dancing the traditional  filipino dance), what a cool kind of entertainment, that makes you more happy while eating. It looks like you are in paradise because of the ambiance of the place,especially the "kubo" that float in water so refreshing. Have you heard about the tacsiyapo? you can also find it there I think it is the highlight of the place, where in you can release your anger by throwing a plate or a glass or anything. This is one of the place ever in Tarlac.

     That  two person that I'm talking about is the one will sing for you, and believe they are so great, they will surely makes you grin. That is the only place that have that kind of entertainment and you will never get board.

       The Monkey holding a fish, Have you ever encountered that? a monkey that holding a fish? So amazing! Try to visit there and you will encounter the friendship between them. That is the only place where you can find it.

                     "Inihaw na Tilapia" one of the most special food that you can find there. It is only a simple food of ours. But see it serves as the one of the best food in Isdaan. They are so good.

   And the best of all is the tacsiyapo. The most exciting place there, other says that you can release your anger by throwing a piece of a glass, or a plate or anything. I did not experience it yet so I don't know how it feels.